What makes my handbags stand apart from many others is my design of the interior, top entry holster. I have chosen this design for quick access with one hand if needed. No fumbling with zippers that often jam, especially when in a high level of adrenaline situation.

On this website you will find a variety of in stock bags to choose from, most of which properly holster either a compact 9mm, 38 special, or smaller .380. Just read the description of each bag to determine which will fit your firearm. I have chosen these holster designs for in stock bags because I have found that the majority of women who carry concealed typically carry one of these common firearms. These in stock bags are completely finished and ready to ship within one to three days of purchase.

Furthermore, you will find a custom order section on this website for those who carry a firearm besides those I have just listed, and also for those who don't see an in stock bag they wish to purchase. In this section I have posted several past custom orders that I have designed so that you may have an idea of different options that you may want to choose from. To place a custom order, simply call or email me to discuss the details such as your interior and exterior preferences, the specific firearm you carry so that I may properly design the holster, and much more. Often times, there is no added cost to place a custom order, unless a feature is added that would increase the cost. These specifics can be discussed over phone or email. Please note that custom orders may take 3 or more weeks to ship.

Although my primary target audience is women, I also create bags for men as well, which typically feature basic designs and dark colors for a more gender neutral appearance.

Be sure to check our website periodically for new listings in both our In Stock and Custom Order sections. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I am happy to assist in your search for the perfect bag in any way that I can!